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Twitter bird 2So you joined up and now you have a Twitter account (yay). But what happens next.

Get Tweeting!

Easy enough. I’m sure you have already Tweeted (posted) something along the lines of “Setting up my Twitter account” or “First post on Twitter”, now to tweet a few more times…

Maybe consider using Twitter in serving God, and be active about it from the start. Tweets about what you read in the bible, or what you learnt at church are awesome! As are tweets about going to bible study, and tweets about what you are looking forward to in the day are pretty cool as well. But as you tweet, consider how it is serving God.

You have probably seen some weird lingo being used, things like @ symbols, or the letters RT. Don’t worry, here’s what they mean.

  • An @ symbol before someone’s username just means that the tweet is directed at them. It is also the common way to refer to someone in a tweet. They will get a specific notification that they were mentioned somewhere.
  • RT simply stands for Re-Tweet. Which means that you could find something like this showing up: “RT @calumhenderson How awesome it is to be assured of salvation! Romans 8″. This just means that someone else has Tweeted (posted) what I had already said.
  • #(something) just means that it is specifically tagged, if multiple people tag the same word or letters, then it will come up as a trending topic (#mhc is a good example).
  • You may also see OH (but barely ever), this just means over heard, as in real world over heard.

Continue using Twitter to serve God friends!

5 Reasons to Tweet

May 22, 2009 — 8 Comments

Twitter BirdsIt’s time to Tweet.

Tweeting is the act of posting updates on Twitter. Twitter is a growing social network and is massively increasing it’s user base, all over the world. It now has over 32 million monthly viewers, which is more than the NY Times (from here). Both Dave Miers and Steve Kryger have posted on the growth of Twitter.

So here’s how Twitter works.

  • You sign up for an account
  • You follow people
  • You tweet (140 character posts, or “microblogs”)
  • People follow you and they receive your tweets
  • You receive the tweets of those whom you follow

It is catching on, and I think it has reached a point where it is valuable to be using Twitter. Here are 5 great reasons to get tweeting.

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We set goals all the time in Christian ministries. How many people do we want to come our social? How many new people do we want at church?

I had a lecture (Educational Psychology) today on assessment and we discussed SMART goals. That is:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timed outSoccer Goals

I think that these are good ideas to hold to when creating goals for our ministries, allowing us to progress towards a target with attainable goals to reach. We can also gain relevant feedback on the results and then evaluate what the results mean. By using SMART goals we can grow Gods kingdom effectively.

P.S. If you haven’t checked out Andrew Katay’s “If I ran the Diocease I’d…” posts, then you should. He has a great post about the initial goal of the Sydney Anglican Diocease . See it here (I like his goal better).

Open1 Corinthians 15 is a dense passage, so much great stuff is in there.

At church on Sunday night, we had a sermon about resurrection bodies, and it got me very excited. It also clarified some thoughts in my head, though there is still much to clarify.

One thing that I learnt is that our bodies at the resurrection will be physical bodies, and also somehow spiritual bodies.

So will it be with the resurrection of the dead. The body that is sown is perishable, it is raised imperishable; it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory; it is sown in weakness, it is raised in power; it is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body.

1 Corinthians 15:42-44.

The physical nature of our bodies was likened to Jesus’ risen body before the ascension, which I found to be a helpful comparison. Jesus was physical in the sense that Thomas could touch him (John 20:26-28) and he ate food (Luke 24:42-43), but his body was also spiritual as he somehow came among the disciples when the doors were locked (John 20:19-20).

I look forward to the day when I have a resurrection body. If only that day would be now!

If you have any thoughts on 1 Corinthians 15, let me know below.

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Group vs PageFacebook is a great tool that Christians can use to serve God. One of the main benefits of Facebook is that it allows Christian groups to connect together online. But there is one question for a Christian group to consider: Should we create a group or a page?

A facebook group can have members, officers, admins, a wall, news, a discussion board, as well as links, photos and videos. Members of the group an interact through some or all of these means (depending on how the admins set up the group). Admins of the group can also message all of the members and create events for them. So a group is like a community.

A facebook page acts more like a profile. People can only become fans of the page, which doesn’t sound great for a Christian group. Do I really want to become a fan of my church?  A page can host events, but you cannot host discussion. It is very similar to using twitter, as your updates come for everyone (who is a fan of the page) to see.

For me, becoming a fan of a page is just that, a one way connection, which is not ideal for Christian groups. Groups however, allow discussion between members, as well as allowing the admins access to address the group as a whole.

So let’s create groups (and use them well)!

Yesterday at Sunday school I was pleasantly surprised by two kids.

Firstly, a kindergarten girl had drawn a few pictures during the week and showed them to me at the start of Kidzone. The first picture was a picture of Jesus dying on the cross, and the second picture was a picture of an empty tomb and him rising from the dead. There was then a page with some writing on it that went something like this… (but not exactly)

Jesus died on the cross. He rose from the dead. Jesus loves everyone.

Wow. Such simple and awesome truths from one so young.Coloured Pencils

The second moment of surprise happened later on. I was not having the best morning and felt like the kids weren’t really learning anything. Then, when we were about to read Romans 5:1-11, a Yr 4 boy (who normally causes a bit of trouble) asked if he could read Psalm 100, his favourite Psalm! I was astounded.

God is good, and he is at work in this world through children!

So to start off another segment, Some fun (everyone needs some fun!). Here is the helicopter string quartet. I got shown this in a music tute recently, and I cant believe it. Here’s the deal. Each member of the quartet is in a separate helicopter, has headphones on, 1 ear has a click track, 1 ear has the helicopter sound, and both ears have the strings in them. So then the sound and visuals are sent down to an auditorium where people are watching. I cant believe somebody fronted the money for this!

A post about iPhone applications that can help you in serving God.

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ReflectionRecently I wrote an essay on metacognition and expertise. One of the major points that came out of research for this essay is how important reflective practices are in learning, and how much more effective we can learn if we build on what we already know.

This got me thinking about various ministries that I am involved in, and how much I need to reflect on what happens each week in order to serve God better. I think it is something that does happen a lot in many churches (and other groups), but I still think that it is something that needs to happen more, asking questions like…

  • How can we change what we did to make it better?
  • Was there anything that worked really well?
  • Was there anything that didn’t work?

So in my ministries, reflection is going to play a continuing role in me growing as a leader. So that I can understand groups, and how to serve God through teaching them (or interacting with them). I pray that others will continue to reflect on their ministries.

Three coloursSo I thought that it would be good to have some standard things to blog about, and one of those things is the bible. So here is the first “from the bible this week”.

Recently in bible study we had a week where we talked about the trinity. It was an awesome week and really solidified in my mind the perfect relationships within God. The Father perfectly serves and loves the Son and the Spirit. The Son brings glory to God. The Spirit points to Jesus and the Father. It’s all so awesome and selfless!

This made me think about my own relationships with regards to being humble and thinking of others as better than myself (Phil 2:3). So recently I have been trying to live with perfectly selfless relationships, because they can work!

PS: the picture isn’t actually meant to represent the trinity, more there to look pretty. As I know the trinity cannot really be explained through analogies.