Welcome to my online home!

I’m Calum Henderson and I’m a Christian primary school teacher. I’m married to Alice and together we live in Sydney, Australia. I’m involved in multiple projects online and this is the place where they all come together. I also occasionally blog here but mainly it’s a hub where you can access everything I create online. Keep reading about the History of this site as well as the projects that I’m currently involved in.

Calum HendersonHistory

This site began as a WordPress.com blog all the way back in May 2009. Then in February 2010 the blog was moved to private hosting and its own domain, this was the first post on that domain. For the next two years the blog grew and evolved through periods of activity and rest. In 2012, the site moved away from primarily being a blog and moved towards a model of being the home of all my online things. Later in 2012, my online home moved here and the site transitioned back into a blog where I now write about Christian ministry and technology.


If you want to view projects that I am currently involved in, please visit my online business card.

Older projects

I’ve also been involved in a number of projects in the past:

  • TwiTip article – I wrote a post for this established Twitter Tips blog titled “Use Posterous to Easily Enhance Your Tweeting“.
  • WorshipHouse Media blog – I wrote a post for this blog titled “4 Important Tips For Using Video Countdowns“.
  • Church Is project – In 2011, I submitted an interactive animation as an entry in a Christian art exhibition. Read about it here.
  • My Body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit – This video was created for a Christian art exhibition and the audio for the video was from one of my university assignments. View it here.

Boring stuff