Biblical Storytelling

August 12, 2009 — 4 Comments

Bible 32Last weekend, I experienced a Bible reading like I never had before.

I heard a reading of Acts 1-2 done by somebody from The Backyard Bard.

The Backyard Bard are a group of people that tell Biblical stories very well. This is a quote from their website:

Biblical Storytelling is not about dramatising the Bible… The Bible itself is already full of drama and emotion. It is not about bringing the Bible to life… The Bible is God’s living and active Word. Biblical Storytelling is about connecting with these dramatic and living stories, committing them to memory and sharing them with the passion that they deserve.

The Bible is amazing. It is God’s Word and it is living and active (Heb 4:12). We can read it in extremely engaging ways.

I was challenged to try and read the Bible like this at church one night, we’ll see how it goes.

If you want you can see videos of what they do here.

You can also download workshop material that they presented here (It was a really great workshop as well).


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4 responses to Biblical Storytelling

  1. Stanley Hauerwas says that storytelling is one of the primary functions of the Christian community. So, we should try and find new ways of doing it! I like these guys :)

  2. I usually don’t like dramatised readings cause it takes away the seriousness of it, but they’ve done it really well and have avoided that. nice

    btw there’s a few link errors, and you have to signup to view the website vids, but there’s a youtube channel:

  3. @Rich They are awesome indeed

    @Jon Thanks for the heads up on the links!

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