9 Tasty Youth Group Games All About Food

April 10, 2011 — 10 Comments

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Food is fun. Everyone loves food. Therefore everyone loves games that involve food. And if you have a youth group full of kids who especially love food, then you should definitely check out these food related youth group games.


Everyone in your youth group will regularly deal with food, which makes food very engaging and interesting for games. However, play games that involve food can also sometimes be more risky than other games. So you have to be extra careful when planning for and playing food related youth group games. There are two big things that you can do: 1. Check for allergies before planning anything (which is good to do anyway incase you want to share a meal together) and 2. Be extremely hygienic, make sure you stop accidental double dipping or anything like that.

A lot of these games are very scalable, that is to say that you can play with with small groups or large groups. One this to remember when playing with large groups is that activities with food may need more supervision to keep things sensible, so maybe rope in an extra leader or two if you can.

So here are the 9 tasty youth group games that are all about food. Keep reading below for a description of each game on this list.

  • Chocolate Game
  • Masterchef/Ready Steady Cook Challenge
  • Smartie In Flour
  • Malteaser Soccer
  • Liquorice Structures
  • Taste the Difference
  • World’s Largest Banana Split
  • Skittles Chopstick Race
  • Orange Bowls

Chocolate Game (5+ people)

This is one of my favourite ever games for a small group, mainly because it involves eating large amounts of chocolate. For this game you will need a dice, a block of chocolate, a knife, a fork, something to cut chocolate on (chopping board or plate) and a selection of silly clothing (such as gloves, a scraf, a hat or a jumper).

To play the chocolate game, you sit in a circle with everything in the middle of the circle. You then go round the circle rolling the dice, when one person rolls a 6, it’s game on! That person then needs to put on all of the clothes, and then start chopping up the block of chocolate using only the knife and fork, one square at a time, when a square has been cut, they can then eat it. The really fun part of this game is the fact that while all of this is going on, the rest of the group continues to roll the dice, and if at any stage another person rolls a 6, they then have to start getting the clothes on and trying to cut the chocolate block! Sounds fun right!?

Masterchef/Ready Steady Cook Challenge (4+ people)

These popular TV shows can be easily adapted to a youth group setting. In these shows, constestants are required to to cook a meal, given a theme or ingrediants, within a time limit. In the youth group version, the kids in your group are required to do the exact same thing!

What you need to do is divide your group into cooking teams, and then give them equal amounts of ingrediants. For example, you could get your groups to make the worlds best milkshake using milk, ice cream and a variety of toppings. The leaders can then act up the judging of the food and fun can be had by all!

Smartie In Flour (3-10 people)

This game could almost fit into a “messy games” category but as you can eat something during the game, it can stay here. Smartie in Flour is a simple and fun game for small groups that requires a lot of flour, a packet of smarties, a knife and a plate.

Simply pile the flour into a mound on a plate, and then place a smartie on top. Now one at a time, the people in your group cut some of the flour off the mound using the knife. Eventually you will have the smartie balancing on a very small amount of flour, the person who makes the smartie fall off the flour by cutting too much away then needs to eat the smartie without using their hands. This is where it gets messy. They need to bury their head in the flour and fish out the smartie.

Malteaser Soccer (2+ people)

A very quick partner game that can be a lot of fun. All you need is a malteaser (or other round lollie) and two straws. The two people sit on opposite sides a a desk with the malteaser in the middle. The aim is to get the malteaser to roll off your oppnoents side of the desk. Person with the most goals at the end wins.

Liquorice Structures (4+ people)

This is another fun game for groups. Firstly you need to divide your youth group into smaller groups of 6 or less. Each group is then given a packet of licorice and is tasked with making the tallest licourice structure that they can make using what is in their packet only. They will have to come up with ideas of how to make their structure strong as well as how to join the licourice together. Victory goes to the team with the tallest structure, and for winning they win another packet of licourice.

Taste the Difference (12+ people)

Throughout history, people have been wrongly either taking stuff out of the Bible, or adding to the Bible. This heresy is really sad to see and something we want to teach our youth about so that they don’t make the same mistakes. A fun way of demonstrating this is in a game that I like to call “Taste the Difference”.

For this game you will need Vanilla Coke, Diet Coke and Regular Coke, as well as a blindfold. You will then need one or more kids to come up and discern between the different types of Coke. Firstly blindfold them, and then ask them to taste on of the types of Coke, and tell you what it is. Repeat this for the other types of Coke. The point of this is to demonstrate that by adding or taking away from the Bible, we change what it is really about.

To really emphasise this point, add something crazy (like fish sauce) to some Coke and get them to taste it. That will really make them aware of the difference!

Worlds Largest Banana Split (10+ people)

This is a crazy relay game with a lot of preparation needed, but of all the games I know, I think it has the biggest WOW factor.

You will need quite a lot for this game, including: Aluminium foil, plastic spoons, 1+ metres of PVC half piping, and enough ice cream, bananas, chocolate sauce and hundreds and thousands to fill the the pipe.

Before the game begins you need to make your banana split. Do this by thoroughly cleaning the half pipe, and then lining it with aluminium foil. You can then create your banana split (Have fun!).

The game part of this is quite short. You need to divide your youth group into smaller teams, and divide the pipe into a number of segments equal to the number of groups that you have made. The goal for each team to eat their section of banana split before everyone else does.

In order to control what could be complete chaos, make each team stand behind a line. One at a time, a person from each team takes a NEW plastic spoon (can’t emphasise the fact that each time somebody goes to the banana split, they need a new spoon, no double dipping) and walks towards their segment. They then take a spoonful and walk back past the line to eat their spoonful. Once they are over the line the next person can go.

For older groups, get the group to make the banana split as well. SO MUCH FUN!

Skittles chopstick race (4+ people)

This is another fun and challenging relay game. Divide your youth group into teams. Place 1 bowl per team at one end of your hall, and another bowl a few metres away. One at a time, members from each team must pick up a skittles from one bowl, and transfer it to the other bowl. The team with the most skittles in their second bowl at the end of the game, wins.

Orange bowls (2+ people)

Do you like playing lawns bowls? Well if you do then you’re going to love Orange Bowls! For orange bowls you will need a number of oranges (or other round fruit) and a lime. Roll the lime down one end of the hall. The goal is now to get your orange as close to the lime as possible by rolling it. This game can be done either individually, or in teams.


And there are 9 tasty games for you to play at youth group. As I said earlier, please remember to check with your youth group for allergies and please be extra conscious of hygiene while you play.

Ready. Steady. Play!

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  2. Great list, thanks very much. You have just helped solve what we are doing at youth group tonight.

  3. Great games and great app. Is there a way to submit our own games to add to your library for all to enjoy?

  4. i have been running youth clubs for 20 years and we having a massive food challenge day tomorrow and this list has given me some fab ideas .,.thankyou

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