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On Club Veg, the speaker (Rowan Kemp) gave a great analogy for how a Christian should think of their life, and how much of their life should be devoted to Jesus. Here is that analogy.

A Big House

Imagine that your life is a house, and in your house you have a room for each thing that you do. You have a uni room, a work room, a sport room etc.

Being a Christian is not like adding on an extension to your house, it’s not like adding a Christian sunroom that you plan to spend some time in, while leaving the rest of your house untouched.

Being a Christian is not like renovating your house, it’s not like touching up the religious section of your house to live for Jesus instead of some other form of religious spirituality.

Instead, being a Christian is like demolishing your old house, and building an entirely new Christian house, in which you do everything.

Being a Christian means that your whole life is devoted to following Jesus. You can’t put Jesus in one room of your house, being a Christian means that every room in your house is devoted to Jesus.

Yesterday I said that our spirituality is not measured by how often we do a quiet time, rather that it is measured by how much we grow in spiritual maturity. Having said this, I don’t mean to say that quiet times aren’t important. I think that quiet times are one of the means by which we can grow in spiritual maturity each day.

God commands his people to devote themselves to prayer as well as to continually submit themselves to his word. By doing a daily quiet time we are doing these things, and hopefully growing in spiritual maturity through doing this.

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One helpful suggestion to quiet times from Club Veg is to read relevant Bible passages as part of your quiet times. By this I mean Bible passages that you will be encountering at other stages through your week, such as the passage that you just heard a sermon on, or are about to hear a sermon on next week. Or perhaps you read the Bible passage that you read in Bible study or small group. These are just some ways through which we can meditate on the Word of God and get it into our heads.

This is something that I’m going to be trying to do over the summer.

Recently I went away with the Sydney Uni Evangelical Union (EU) on an end of year conference called Club Veg. It was a great few days away with good times and great learning opportunities. The topic of the week was “Spiritual Disciplines” with 5 talks from Rowan Kemp, and I learnt quite a number of new (and old) things. So I’m going to blog some reflections from the week.

Reading The Bible

One of the best lessons that I learnt was that spirituality is not all about completing a daily quiet time (a quiet time is the practice of an individual spending time to read the Bible and pray). Although we are commanded in scripture to read the Bible and pray, our spiritual lives should not be measured by whether or not we have done a quiet time. Rather, our spiritual lives should be measured by the amount in which we grow in spiritual maturity each day.

Quiet times should not be the measure of our spiritual lives, they should be a means by which we achieve the measure. Quiet times should assist us to grow in spiritual maturity.

Quiet times are a good daily practice, but we as Christians shouldn’t measure how good a Christian we are based on them.

If you would like to read the Bible yourself, then go to or download the free ESV Bible App for your iPhone.

This Is Life Wrap

September 18, 2010 — Leave a comment

The “This is Life” mission at Sydney Uni has come to a close.

During the mission more than 10 people became Christians and many others are still having discussions about topics related to the mission. It was a great time on campus!

This is Life Chalk

There was quite a bit of opposition to the campaign, including anti-posters (“This is Fraud”), as well as letters to Honi Soit (Student publication) and little stickers that were stuck on the posters. I think this demonstrates how much the message of life that Jesus proclaims grinds with our culture. That people don’t want to live for Jesus, but that they want control of their lives.

I wrote three blog posts on the mission website

Keep reading below for more pictures and videos

God is good!

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The final video in this series for the time being, this is a video outlining what the EU believes. If you would like to know in more detail what the EU believes, then please visit the EU website and read the doctrinal statement.

Stay tuned as I hope to make a few more videos in this series.

Here’s another video in the “Introduction to the EU” series that I filmed with EU president, Hugh Chilton recently.

Recently I have been filming and editing a series of videos on an Introduction to the EU.

There are a whole bunch of things that the EU does, and a whole bunch of information that people can learn about the EU, but as of yet there is no easy way to find out a lot of this information besides either coming along to a lot of EU events or talking to a senior EUer.

This videos aim to inform people about the EU, they were filmed with Hugh Chilton, the president of the EU, and I did the filming and editing.

There are more of these videos coming out shortly, but for now, please enjoy learning about what the EU does.

If you would like to find out more about the EU, please visit the website here.

On day 4 of the “This is Life” mission at Sydney Uni (read more here), a roundtable discussion was held on the topic of “All Religious Paths Lead to Life?”. There were a number of speakers from different faiths who all spoke for short amounts of time, and then tables of students discussed.

Below is a video that I made wrapping up the event.

I filmed and edited this video on my iPhone 4. It’s pretty cool that I was able to do this all before I even got home (minus adding in the EU logo at the end). Some of the sound is terrible as I’m still learning the best ways to use it, but it is good to know that you can use the headset microphone that came with the iPhone to use as a microphone for filming. Look forward to more quick videos like this in the future.

So the This is Life mission is stil only a few days away, and there is a blog attached to the website.

There are a few people (including me) who are contributing to this blog, so you should go check it out (here).

Also, here is a snippet from the blog post that I just wrote.

“Could you imagine 2 everyday men being brought before the federal parliament under criminal charges and preaching the gospel. Of course you can’t, this would never happen in Australia. But in the Bible, we hear a story of just this.”

Read the rest of the post here

The “This is Life” Mission is only a few sleeps away! So I thought I would share this teaser video. It’s awesome!

If you don’t know, the upcoming mission is run by the Sydney Uni Evangelical Union, and will last for the next 3 weeks (and into eternity).

The video above was made by Tom Judd, he’s a great guy with some mad skills in video stuff. You can find out more about him on at his YouTube Channel, website or Twitter.