Song Leading #1

April 14, 2010 — 2 Comments

Song leading is the act of leading the singing during a church service (or the like). That’s at least how I’ve come to view it, please correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve heard it called many things before, worship leader, praise leader, singer, but I think song leading is the best description.

Applause Crowd

I’ve had a number of experiences of song leading, ranging from a church service of 20 through to a SUEU conference of 170, and I’ve been thinking about song leading for a while. Asking questions like…

  • What makes good song leading?
  • How to song lead well?
  • Is singing the most important part of song leading?
  • How expressive should you be when you song lead?
  • Are you there for yourself or the congregation?
  • Can you pray in the middle of the song?
  • Should the song leader be the communicator between the band and the congregation?
  • Can the song leader also lead the service?
  • How does a song leader engage with the congregation?
  • Should a song be introduced before it is sung?
  • And is this introduction actually the most important thing that a song leader can do?
  • How should a song leader hold the microphone?
  • When should the song leader put down the microphone?
  • How can the song leader show that he/she is about to start singing?
  • How much should the song leader perform to the congregation and how much should he/she sing with them?

So basically I’ve got a whole lot of thoughts on song leading, and I’ve been trying to compress them into nuggets of information, but as of yet I have been unsuccessful, so… I’m just going to give it a go. Over the next while I’m going to be spewing out thoughts, and they probably wont be as coherent as what I normally write, but I’m hoping that through doing this I can think through what it means to song lead well.

Join me if you dare…

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A Christian Primary school teacher. Married to Alice. I write about Christian ministry and technology, as well as anything that may interest me.

2 responses to Song Leading #1

  1. Many of those questions have been on my mind as well, so I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the matter.

  2. Thanks, it shall be interesting…

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