Calum’s Concise Blog Summary #6

March 13, 2010 — 2 Comments

This has been an exciting week on my blog, I have my first giveaway!

What's In The Bible Giveway

As you probably know, just by commenting on my review of “What’s In The Bible?” by VeggieTales creater Phil Vischer, you can win a DVD!

I’ve also posted a bunch of stuff which you can read below. (Or subscribe to)

And here are some of the websites that I have been reading.

Finally, here are some of the most popular search terms leading to over the past 7 days.

  • youth group games
  • callum henderson beaver
  • main point for public edu vs private edu
  • ancona replay
  • group games to play in a circle
  • gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay o
  • group games
  • trevor hodge o breath of life
  • crazy bible stories
  • excuses before god
  • public versus private school sydney asut
  • tricky bible questions
  • parents who don’t care enough
  • calum henderson
  • parents on technology in education
  • ancon en facebook
  • games for kids no resources
  • youth group games, persecution
  • ignorance of law is not an excuse
  • psalms 119 summary
  • body part group game

Thanks for reading!

Calum Henderson

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A Christian Primary school teacher. Married to Alice. I write about Christian ministry and technology, as well as anything that may interest me.

2 responses to Calum’s Concise Blog Summary #6

  1. Hey Calum
    when I used to do one of these weekly digests, I found that the popular search terms played havoc with future searches. ie when someone searches for “psalms 119 summary” rather than finding your post on psalm 119, they find this post that doesn’t actually have anything to do with psalm 119! Does that make sense?
    I just stopped putting them on. Another option would be to have link to the post with each search term… Tediuos! Or maybe just one term that was kinda random!
    Hope that helps

  2. Thanks for the extremely helpful advice Dave!

    I’ll just leave them out, really only a very small point of interest.

    Really appreciate your advice from your many years of experience.

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