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March 27, 2010 — 4 Comments

iPhone with Christian AppsAs of now, there are over 140,000 apps available for the iPhone.

Within all of these apps, it is often hard to find ones that are actually good. This is also true for Christian apps.

Within this post will be a list of quality Christian iPhone apps, that will be updated over time. ┬áSo if you want to find some Christian iPhone apps and don’t know where to look, then come here to start.

Bible (free)

This simple Bible Application from is a great way to read the Bible on your iPhone. It has many translations available for download and many more that require a data connection to access (NIV, ESV and CEV require data connection). Also has options to favourite verses and tweet verses. The best free Bible app available.

Mars Hill Church (free)

Mars Hill is at the front of technology once again with an App that allows you to keep up to date with sermons and blog posts. A lot of the functionality can be achieved through inbuilt iPhone apps (such as podcasting within the iTunes store), but it is helpful to have all the content together in one easy, beautiful app. (Read more about this app here)

Bible Memory Verses (free)

This is a great application for memorising scripture. It uses the NIV translation. It has many strategies that will allow you easily memorise scripture, including blanking out words in verses, as well as having a page of verses that you have already memorised, so that you can remind yourself of them.

ESV Bible (free)

This is one of the few applications where the Bible is actually stored on your device, which means you can read it without an internet connection! The interface is very clean (reminds me of a Zune) and disappears completely when reading. Has easy options to share via Twitter or email. Easy to search by keywords or just by flicking through the books.

Please comment below if you think another app should be on this list.

Calum Henderson

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A Christian Primary school teacher. Married to Alice. I write about Christian ministry and technology, as well as anything that may interest me.

4 responses to Christian iPhone Apps

  1. A really good app for kids age 1 – 5 is called Little Scribes. It’s a flashcard app with good quality drawings, and every drawing relates to something from the Bible.

  2. It’s not free like the others you’ve listed, but I’ve recently released an app called “PrayerMate” to help you organise your prayer life. Enter the people you care about, and every day it will give you a selection to pray for under various categories, and you can just swipe between them as you pray.

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