38 Relevant iPad Related Links

May 30, 2010 — 1 Comment

iPadsThe iPad came out in Australia a few days ago, and so for those of you who are thinking about getting an iPad, or just wantto find out more about it, here are 38 links that you might find helpful.

These links are divided into the following categoris

  • Reviews
  • From calumhenderson.com
  • About iPad Apps
  • Apple Made Videos
  • Other Videos About The iPad

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  1. Macworld – Apple iPad
  2. All Things Digital – Apple iPad Review: Laptop Killer? Pretty Close
  3. USA Today – Verdict is in on the Apple iPad: It’s a winner
  4. New York Times – Looking at the Apple iPad from two angles
  5. PC Mag – Apple iPad (Wi-Fi)
  6. Boing Boing – Apple iPad
  7. Tech Blog – Dr Mac: Apple’s iPad is better than expected
  8. The Root – Techies are wrong about the iPad
  9. Appleinsider – First Look: Apple iPad

From calumhenderson.com

  1. 7 Things Missing From The iPad That Will Make You Love It
  2. A Bunch Of Video Reviews Of The Apple iPad

About iPad Apps

  1. Gizmodo – 99 iPad Apps Reviewed
  2. iPhone Application List
  3. Apps For iPad
  4. Tech Crunch – The Best iPad Apps At Launch
  5. Wired – 15 iPad Apps You Should Download Today
  6. Macworld – Essential iPad Apps: 10 Great Games

Apple Made Videos

  1. Introducing the iPad
  2. Safari on iPad
  3. Numbers on iPad
  4. Keynote on iPad
  5. Pages on iPad
  6. What is iPad?
  7. iTunes Store on iPad
  8. iPod on iPad
  9. YouTube on iPad
  10. Videos on iPad
  11. Photos on iPad
  12. Mail on iPad
  13. iBooks on iPad
  14. Maps on iPad
  15. App Store on iPad

Other Videos About The iPad

  1. Will It Blend – iPad
  2. Mad TV – iPad
  3. iggy investigates an iPad
  4. Apple iPad Unboxing
  5. Apple iPad Stress Tests
  6. iPad Golf

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